Dear Master Gardener chapter presidents, members and friends,

We are a 501(C)3 organization.  This move was made to ensure the continuance and support of the MU Extension’s Master Gardeners program in lieu of the MG Coordinator position not being filled by the university.

We have some good news for you.

As a representative of your chapter, you or someone you select, will also have representation on the Board of Directors.  This will ensure you have input and the latest information possible as we develop to make Missouri’s Master Gardener program be responsive to your needs.

Why should you encourage others to join us?  We:

  • Support our MOMGA Master Gardener Chapters.
  • Provide a centralized method for information exchange among members. 
  • Facilitate Missouri Master Gardener educational opportunities, partnerships, training sessions, fundraising efforts, conferences and association meetings.
  • Provide an Association Plant License to all chapters who are members to use. 
  • Raise awareness and expand the Master Gardener program throughout the state.  3 new chapters have formed under MOMGA, Inc. in 2014.
  • To assist the MOMGA host member chapter in planning for a Master Gardener conference held annually. 
  • Chapter members receive monthly communication about events and upcoming sales, tours and classes MOMGA chapters are planning.

As our membership grows, our board will be able to serve you better than you have ever been served before.   Attached is a membership application form for your chapter.  There are two ways to join:

  • Have master gardeners individually sign up for $ 2.00 per year or they choose from the three levels of Lifetime Membership.  Each chapter coordinates the membership drive and collects money from the individuals.
  • Each chapter may pay for their active members.
  • The check, made payable to the Missouri Master Gardener Association, Inc. and the membership roster should be returned before Feb. 28, 2017 to our association treasurer.


Blanche Kelly, 2017 MOMGA President

2017 MOMGA Chapter Membership Form

2017 MOMGA Chapter Membership List

2017 MOMGA Individual & Lifetime Membership Form (pdf)

MOMGA Reimbursement Form (pdf)  MOMGA Reimbursement Form (Word)

What is MOMGA all about?  (PPT)




University of Missouri Master Gardener Policies and Procedures

Additional forms are from other chapters in the state that were requested to be put up here.  Your chapter might have different criteria so use these as needed.

Hotline Checklist (Word)

Hotline Response Form  (Word)

Speaker Event Summary Form from the St Charles Chapter (pdf)

Reporting Hours Guidelines from the St Charles Chapter (pdf)

Mentoring (pdf)

Mentoring – Partnering Guidelines from the St Charles Chapter (pdf)

St Charles Guidelines for Public Education Classes (pdf)





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